Emergency Preparedness

Basic Life Support & Emergency CPR
Department of Justice ADA Best Practices Tool Kit
Disability 911
Disability Prepared
Emergency Preparation & People with Disabilities
Emergency Preparedness Video from the Oregon School for the Deaf and the American Red Cross
Employers’ Guide to Including Employees with Disabilities in Emergency Evacuation Plan
Fire Safety & Disabilities Guide
Home Safety for Persons with Disabilities
How to Make Points of Service Accessible to Persons with Disabilities
Missouri Disaster and Emergency Planning
Missouri Earthquake Preparedness
Missouri General Assistance Resources
Missouri Health Care Preparedness
Nobody Left Behind
Preparing for a Disaster
State of Missouri Disability Portal Emergency Preparedness
Tips from CDC to Keep Children with Disabilities Safe
Vulnerable Populations – Fact Sheets
Winter Weather/Power Outage Information
People with a disability or special healthcare need who need help as a result of the weather and/or power outages can call a toll free hotline that rings to the St. Louis AmeriCorps disaster corps. They will then help find resources to help meet the need of the individual or family. The number is 888-377-2100. This is available to anyone in Missouri.