Core Services


Individual Advocacy is provided through center staff working with individuals to obtain necessary support services from other agencies in the community.

Systems Advocacy is provided through center staff and consumers working together to enact change in the community that makes it easier for all persons with disabilities to live independently in the community.

Independent Living Skills Training

Independent Living Specialists work with individuals in one-on-one or group settings to improve needed skills to live independently. Examples of skills include:

  • Budgeting
  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Employment

Information and Referral (I&R)

ILRC provides information regarding and referral for community resources, supports, organizations and disability information.

Peer Support

Support is offered through opportunities for one-on-one and group interaction with others who experience disability.

ILRC offers various activities throughout the year for recreation and peer support. Events include a Holiday Social, Community Coffees, Educational Seminars and more.  For upcoming events please call or see the list of current events.


Institutional Transition – Individuals residing in institutions in Central Missouri, who wish to and are able to, can work with an Independent Living Specialist to move into the community.

Youth Transitions – Living Independently Workshops are offered to help improve skills youth with disabilities need in order to live in the community successfully. Topics may include Cooking Skills, Money Management, Driver’s Permit Preparation and Social Skills.  Workshops are provided throughout the year. Please call or see the list of current events for upcoming workshops.

Transitions Teams in Cole and Camden counties provide various supports for youth transitions to continued education, employment, and independent living.

Visit programs for additional opportunities.