Independent Living Resource Center, Inc. (ILRC) is a non-residential, consumer controlled, not for profit organization that provides services and support for individuals with disabilities in Southern Callaway, Camden, Cole, Miller, Morgan, Moniteau and Osage Counties in Missouri.

ILRC realizes that building skills and confidence to live an independent lifestyle requires special programs, peer support, assistance in obtaining equipment, learning to manage personal care attendants, and much more. The skilled staff at ILRC is there to help provide advocacy and services that allow persons with disabilities a way to achieve these things and to live independently.


History of Independent Living

In 1972, the first Center for Independent Living was founded by disability activists, led by Ed Roberts, in Berkeley, California. Centers for Independent Living were created to offer peer support and role modeling, and are run and controlled by persons with disabilities. According to the IL approach, the example of a peer, somebody who has been in a similar situation, can be more powerful than a non-disabled professional’s interventions in analyzing one’s situation, in assuming responsibility for one’s life and in developing coping strategies.

According to the IL Movement, with peer support, everyone can learn to take more initiative and control over their lives. For example, peer support is used in Independent Living Skills classes where people living with their families or in institutions learn how to run their everyday lives in preparation for living by themselves.

There is a fundamental set of services found in all of the Centers; the Five Core Services.  These services; Advocacy, Independent Living Skills Training, Information & Referral, Transition, and Peer Support, are complemented by unique services offered by each center depending on the communities’ need.

History of Independent Living Resource Center, Inc.

Independent Living Resource Center, Inc. (ILRC) first opened its doors in Jefferson City, Missouri in 1997.

Executive Director

Melinda Cardone

Board of Directors

President – Georgeta Dacila
Vice President – Rachel Baskerville
Secretary – Vacant
Treasurer – Melissa Friel

Donna Borgmeyer, Deb Hendricks, Brandon McElwain

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