Abuse and Women with Disabilities
Abuse of People with Disabilities
Crime Victims with Disabilities Awareness Act
National Child Abuse Hotline
National Domestic Violence Hotline
People with Disabilities and Sexual Violence
Abuse of Children with Intellectual Disabilities
Abuse & Neglect of Adults with Developmental Disabilities
First Response to Victims of Crime Who Have a Disability
Traumatic Brain Injury & Domestic Violence
Children As Victims
No Longer Silent:  Persons with Disabilities Who have Been Abused Identify Their Service Needs
Overview on Abuse & Disabilities
Uncovering the Shape of Violence: a Research Methodology Rooted in the Experience of People with Disabilities
Child Abuse & Neglect of Children with Disabilities
Bullying & Students with Disabilities
The Risk & Prevention of Maltreatment of Children with Disabilities
Unlimited Adaptablility
Safety Signals for Literal People and Those with Limited Speech
Self-Protection for People with Disabilities
Personal Safety to Help Stop Domestic Violence