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Disability is a unique diversity category that crosses all racial, gender, education, and socioeconomic lines with nearly 57 million individuals with disabilities in the United States. Individuals with disabilities represent an important segment of every organization’s diverse workforce and customer base.

Disabilities range significantly in type, extent, manifestation, and impact on the person and many disabilities are non-visible.  Appropriate disability etiquette and accessibility allows all employees, customers, organization members, students, patients, or constituents to be more comfortable.

ILRC will work with businesses, schools, building contractors, individuals, and organizations in a variety of ways to assist in being more accessible and welcoming to persons with disabilities. This includes:

  • Disability Etiquette Training/Seminars
  • Job Accommodation Information

Simply utilize the contact form on our website or contact our office by mail or phone.

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For more information on employment of persons with disabilities, please contact ILRC and check out the resource page.