Access to affordable, accessible transportation for persons with disabilities, low-income individuals, and elderly can make the trip to work, school, shopping, community services, and medical appointments possible. It fosters self-sustainability, promotes independence, and permits spending on other household essentials. By increasing the local customer base for services, such as medical facilities, shopping malls & grocery stores, and local educational facilities, affordable transportation can enhance economic growth. 

Public transportation can lower household expenses by freeing up income for other uses in households with limited resources.  In 2000, transportation costs accounted for 36 cents out of every dollar spent in the poorest fifth of American households, 98 percent of which was spent on purchasing, operating, and maintaining their cars.  When reliable, accessible transit options are made available, it allows more low-income households to distribute funds to other essential expenses.

Independent Living Resource Center (ILRC) has been awarded a contract as a sub-grantee through the City of Jefferson to provide JeffTran Passes to eligible individuals.  Funding is provided by the Community Development Block Grant.  Individuals must meet income guidelines, provide required income verification, and complete a Pass Program Request Form.  Passes will be issued to individuals meeting program requirements in amounts of $20 and will be based upon availability.  The program will run through December 31, 2013.  Individuals DO NOT need to be a consumer of ILRC’s services to access this program.  Individuals may contact ILRC at 573-556-0400 or in person at 1760 Southridge Dr, Jefferson City MO  65109 during normal business hours regarding the passes.