ILRC’S Accessibility Program

ILRC’s Ramps and Home Modifications program is growing and changing into the Accessibility Program and now consists of many things. The program is staffed with an ADA Coordinator and an Accessibility Specialist, who are both trained in ADA guidelines. We are able to come out to a business and do a quick survey of the business, give the business owner a report on findings and make low cost suggestions for improvement or possible tax credits that are available for becoming ADA compliant. We can also come to a home and make suggestions for easy home improvements for an improved quality of life.

ILRC also has a Ramp/Home Modification program that consumers can utilize to stay in their home. This is a program that consists of Ramps, Grab bars, rails in hallways, and other modifications to the home to be determined by trained staff. Consumers must meet basic income guidelines and some will be required to contribute to the cost of materials.

If you have any questions concerning Accessibility issues, feel free to contact Ron Shoults, Accessibility Specialist or Jeremy Murray, ADA Coordinator at 573.556.0400 or 877.627.0400.