Business Resource

ILRC will work with businesses to make them more accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities.

  • Disability Etiquette Training/Seminars
  • Job Accommodation Information

Consumer Assistance

ILRC provides assistance to current consumers through our Care Closet Program.

  • Care Closet – ILRC Care Closet provides necessary household items and personal care items based upon availability for referred individuals with disabilities who meet income guidelines in ILRC’s service area.  Individuals accessing Care Closet will work with a Specialist on budgeting goals in order to increase their financial independence and work towards no longer needing the Care Closet.

Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

The CDS Program provides attendant services for individuals with disabilities in their homes.  CDS is provided under contract with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.  The CDS Program is for individuals with disabilities who would like to direct their own personal care.  The program is funded with federal and state monies and has no personal cost to the individual using the service. To be eligible individuals must:

  • be at least 18 years of age,
  • be Medicaid eligible,
  • be able to self direct their care, and
  • meet the minimum program requirements relating to their physical need.

What does it mean to self direct your care?

  • You are the employer
  • You can hire/fire your attendant.
  • You supervise the work being done.
  • You set the schedule.
  • You complete the timesheets.
  • You are in charge!

Why Consumer Directed Services?

  • You can hire someone you know and trust to be your attendant.
  • Training is provided to assist you with hiring, firing, and supervising attendants.
  • You are thoroughly trained in the program policies and procedures.
  • ILRC provides payroll for attendants and fiscal oversight.

Possible tasks your attendant can complete for you:

  • Grooming, bathing, toileting
  • Personal hygiene
  • Meal preparation, clean up
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation

Personal Care Attendant Guidelines

  • Can be anyone of your choice, other than a spouse.
  • Attendants must register with the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) at a cost of $13 (online cost $14.25).
  • Attendant must have a clean background check with the FCSR OR an approved Good Cause Waiver.
  • Adhere to agency policies & procedures.

Youth Services

Youth with disabilities and their families are supported through the following: MPACT Parent Mentors will support the family through the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Process. Click here for more information on MPACT.  Youth Group, for youth age 12 – 22, provides various activities throughout the year.

Telecommunications Access Program for Telephone (TAP-T)

TAP-T provides access to basic telephone calling for individuals with all types of disabilities through the delivery of adaptive telephone equipment. Learn more about TAP for Telephone here

Other programs and services may be provided upon request dependent on staffing and funding availability.