What are Independent Living Skills?

Independent Living (IL) Skills are basic skills an individual needs to do on a daily basis to live an independent life. 

Persons with disabilities are a diverse group.  Some individuals may require assistance with even the most basic life skills, such as tooth brushing.  Other individuals with disabilities may need assistance for more complex tasks such as how to manage money, pay taxes and bills, and understanding how to keep and maintain a home.  Following certain legal requirements such as renewing a driver’s license on time, voting, and notifying law enforcement in case of a crime are additional independent living skills. 

IL Skills also include maintaining personal hygiene, grooming, seeking medical attention, buying the right sort of foods to eat a nutritionally balanced diet, and making sure that an individual has the clothes that they need and wear them appropriately. 

 It is generally accepted that there is a link between life skills acquisition and life quality although it is difficult to measure this.  “The essence of life skills acquisition cannot be weighed in terms of degrees, diplomas, or other documents; rather, it is demonstrated in their level of independent living, community adjustment, and enhanced quality of life” (Mary E. Cronin).


IL Specialists work with individuals, youth and adults, in one-on-one or in group settings to improve Independent Living Skills.  Specialists can work with individuals either at the center located at 1760  Southridge Drive, Jefferson City, MO or in an individual’s home setting at no cost to the consumer.  Contact ILRC today at 573-556-0400 or toll free at 877-627-0400 to get started.