What is Self Advocacy?

Self-Advocacy is knowing what you need and being able to ask for it. Self-Advocacy is a way in which people speak up and voice their needs, thoughts, and opinions.

Some examples of asking for what you need would be asking your boss to explain the new task and show it to you before they walk away or asking for someone to reach an item that you are unable to reach. Asking someone to hold a door open if you are having trouble getting into a building or asking for a ride somewhere are also examples of self-advocacy.

Can you ask for these things from your boss or a coworker or someone in the community? When asking for what you need, do you understand how your disability impacts you? Can you explain the impact to people you work with who you need help from or to medical personnel? Do you understand what things help you do a good job or to participate in community activities or what things help you to understand after-care instructions from a medical facility?

ILRC Specialists can work with consumers to improve self-advocacy skills. Call the ILRC office at 573-556-0400 or toll free 877-627-0400 to get started today.